A safe, automatic, immediate, and non-contact transporting of hydrogen/gases from the producer to the consumer as well as safe and ecological storing also in the long term without losses, significant amounts of gases/hydrogen in a state of high concentration.


Simultaneous supplying gas/hydrogen to the installation from various sources (suppliers) located in different places and its supplying to independent consumer (which will eliminate the dominance of energy and fuel monopolies – free energy)


Significant cost reduction of hydrogen/gas to the end consumer, also caused by the elimination of expensive road transport. Significant reduction in costs of construction and operation of gas/hydrogen distribution stations, their physical size and location.

Future proof

The invention enables the transition to the so-called "Distributed Energy", which will be one of the possible further forms of reducing energy costs and saving it, due to the lack of the need to build expensive and energy-consuming extended transmission lines.

The system for transporting and storing compressed hydrogen according to the invention presented in its embodiments ensures the safe transport of hydrogen and its storage without air access, moreover, the system according to the invention is not limited only to the transport and storage of hydrogen and its mixtures presented in the examples, but the method of its implementation that is, sealing the individual components together is known and commonly used for this type of systems and is obvious to a person skilled in the art.


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