Hydrogen Bar System Patent is divided into two parts: storage and transport of hydrogen and its mixture storage of hydrogen and its mixtures


The biggest problem with the current “hydrogen revolution” is the storage and transport of hydrogen. There is a need for a concept that improves the safety of using hydrogen, significantly reducing the cost of its dissemination plant.


Safety, scaling and constantly reducing the cost of the hydrogen dissemination plant.

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About us


Our aim is to completely, radically and even revolutionarily change the human approach to the existing problem of storing and transporting hydrogen and its mixtures.


HBS provides a cheap, safe, and reliable way of storing hydrogen according to the principle "produce and consume energy on-site only from available renewable sources, without unnecessary water losses and without any hydrocarbons.


With cheap, safe and reliable HBS devices for storing and also transporting hydrogen, we will certainly not only have a very positive impact on the "Hydrogen Revolution", which has already begun around the world, but we will also speed it up considerably.

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Meet the team

Jerzy Jurasz

A high-class freethinker, Jerzy meets the definition of a futurist, although he modestly presents himself as an inventor.

Dawid Pijanka

Legal Expert
He has been accompanying the inventor of HBS from the very beginning in the legal and advisory areas of the invention.

Olga Jurasz

Safety engineer, businesswoman, and patent co-owner, responsible for the realization and implementation of Jerzy's ideas.

Nedim Memic

Financial Expert
Authorized auditor, forensic auditor, permanent court expert in the field of economics, financial expert and advisor. Asst. Ph.D. sc.

Arnes Biogradlija

Project Director
Online media expert, creator, and director. Originator of two succesfull startups in maritime and renewable indsutries.

Józef Gwido Bar

Józef Gwido Bar - PhD in law, academic lecturer. Owner of the HBS Mark. Collaborator and advisor of the Inventor.

Katarzyna Skorupa

Project Manager
Implementing ecological engineering projects. Strong connection to hydrogen and heavy industries in Europe.
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